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Steve Thomas
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 Steve Thomas is an Arizona Licensed Real Estate Broker who primarily assists commercial property owners, developers, commercial users, building and landowners with transactions of all types. A serial entrepreneur, he works with entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners and investors. His clients rely on his trusted advice as well as his complex property valuations and analysis from infrastructure, zoning, easements, entitlements on up to quiet title suits to resolve ownership issues from limited partnerships with no vesting entities to close.

From large scale developments to small commercial pad development, his diversity and breadth of experience creates the highest and best use to every acquisition from raw land to development. The results are built in-profits on the purchase and strategies producing the profit from the beginning. As the development profits are highest, the internal rate of return optimized when the land is purchased, developed and sold in the shortest period of time.

From his tenure at Oklahoma University, his membership in the prestigious ULI, CCIM, NSA, Toastmasters, and numerous commercial real estate and entrepreneurial organizations, he carries a starburst of ideas second to none. This multifaceted professional experience as broker, principal, joint venture partner, buyer and seller of a wide range of properties from large industrial buildings in Scottsdale Airpark, groups of 100 rental homes, commercial buildings, SBA financed buildings to $5 million,  482,000 acres at the Hoover dam to masterplan, 52,000 acres north of Phoenix to 300,000 acres from Maricopa to Gila Bend, water farms, subdivisions, truck and gas station terminal sites, freeway developments, commercial shopping center planning and development and prior experience as VP of Triple Five Ventures, 5 billionaires, owners of the $100 million Edmonton Mall to a single lot in a subdivision for a new home. The results? $1 Billion closed, over 2 million acres bought, sold, exchanged all in Arizona.

If you have a real estate venture to discuss or list, we are happy to meet you at your convenience. We currently have a $1.3 Billion inventory in Arizona, listed right.

What can be done to increase the value of your commercial property.

…Then sell it, at its “highest and best use in the shortest period of time”?

We can build value, market and sell to our existing network of investors, builders, and users, brokers who have bought and closed in excess of $5 billion in commercial properties only in the past 24 months.

You might be interested to know what we can do for you...
We specialize in commercial real estate and have acquired, parceled down, subdivided, master planned, joint ventured, brokered all or part, exchanged and/or sold in excess of 2 million acres of land and buildings valued in excess of $1 Billion…and all in Arizona.  


We are industrial strength, experienced, creative and specialize in:

Building Acquisitions

Land Acquisition


Development Imaging, renderings

Development of highest and best uses

Gas Station sales, development

Rolling Options


Land Planning and Development

Listing/Sale Contracts

Masterplan Community Development

Mini-Storage development

Mixed Use Commercial Master Plans

Shopping Center Development

Acquisition all commercial uses

Truck Terminal Development

Commercial Property SBA, Insurance Co Financing

Exclusive Listing Marketing

Plat and Entitlements

Renovation of buildings and land

Residential Subdivisions

Sales Contract Package

Business & Marketing Plans

Contract Review/Drafting


Email Marketing

Hotels, Resorts

IRS 1031 Exchange Transactions

Long Term Ground Leases

Marketing - Public Relations

Mixed Use, PAD development planning

Public Relations campaigns

Purchases & Sales


Social Media Marketing

Specialized Direct Mail Marketing

Specialty Retail & Office Real Estate Development:

Title and Due Diligence

Video & Photography

Construction Contracts

Assist ADRE Public Report

Assist Financing

CD Seminars


Five Parcel Divisions

Owner Financing

Public Speaking

Subdivision Trusts

Web Design per project

Affiliation with law firms, accountants

Condominiums & Townhome development

Custom Home 5 parcel splits

Investor LLCs

Large Scale Bulk Subdivisions

Real Estate Planning

Single Family Subdivisions

Fractional Ownership

Project Management


Your confidential preview of upcoming properties!




  • Just Listed! Exclusive Listings!
  • Who Wants To Make Another Million?!
  • Listed Right! Some With 40 Year Terms! Parcel Releases! Low Down! No Qualifying! Zoning! High-Traffic! Exchanges! Low Interest! Immediate Development Potential! Off Market Listings! Foreclosures!
  • All with upside Profit Now!
  • An Entrepreneurs Dream List!


  1. 65 acres on both sides I-10 Freeway west of 411th Ave. and Indian School Road to Campbell Tonopah, Az (50 mi w Phx) Planned major truck terminal site, mixed-use commercial and high income potential for commercial and industrial development.  Build hotels, restaurants, industrial storage, truck, storage and trailers. Exchange for mansions, rental homes, notes, San Francisco or Phoenix areas. Last closed for $11 million, free/clear…for right transaction, will go down to $6 million! Can add rental homes, SF mansion, $250,000 priceless paintings. Millions of sq. ft of industrial buildings about ½ mi SW. Truckers’ paradise on I-10, storage, warehousing, retail…this site has it all and an anxious seller too. Will exchange for rental homes, mansions, land, buildings while you build an empire on this site.(480) 332-6222 d/ (480)998-9909 X 101


  3. Over $150 million for exchange for your land, income, industrial, commercial, residential, empty warehouses, big free and clear homes. Call for additional unique niche requests for your next real estate empire success.

  4. Planned 8 story, 2,000 space parking garage near sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix AZ to be built with Joint Venture. 3.3 acre $12 million land, subordinate $6 million equals. Joint Venture 50-50 after your $18 million construction with one of the largest construction companies in America, (International)
  5. Investors interested in buying $100 million worth of farmland for alfalfa shipment to China from Long Beach California.
  6. 10 acres near the new Apple Silicon Glass Factory near prior Williams Air Force Base facility now Williams Gateway Center, Mesa Arizona. Potential commercial. Apple vendors will love you.
  7. 1000 head Holstein carrying capacity dairy, southwest of Phoenix AZ. Worth $20 million, only $3 million!
  8. 35,000 acre-feet of water for sale. Buy the water by the acre foot.
  9. 3,700 acre West Buckeye Gila Bend Paloma Ranch area farm at $5,000 per acre with 6 acre-feet of water for alfalfa. Some flood plain.
  10. 7.5 acre commercial site just west of 411th Ave. and Indian School Road area in Tonopah Arizona. The only C-2 commercial site available in the region. The first exit into Maricopa County. Optimum Motel site for Motel 6. $1 million…make offer, out of state owner anxious, free/clear. Will exchange. Motel 6 has tentatively approved this site with no competition in a 20 mile radius. Cash, trade or terms.
  11. 79 acre desert parcel of land at 428th Ave. area and Indian School Road. Potential 1 acre subdivision. Add water and electric and go down and dirty with possible mobile home or residential development. Parcel releases, rolling options, terms up to 40 years, Tonopah Arizona 50 miles west of Phoenix.
  12. Big hospital foreclosure in Southeast Phoenix city. Old-line heavy industrial-strength infrastructure interior for your drug rehab, or convalescent home?! Two to $7 million in development phases.
  13. Investor buyer interested in buying mini storage sites or buildings. 
  14. Major $50 million land buyers from (international) looking for large farms between Yuma and Phoenix For alfalfa … 6-20,000 acres wanted in the Buckeye to Yuma  region

  15. Regional Gas station site buyer for five I-303 freeway locations, 1,2,3 acres, $500,000 to $1,250,000 per site statewide, commercial zoning only.
  16. Retired ER Doctor Down… Retired emergency room doctor needs a rescue himself! ‘Owns $60 million desert inventory! Over 59 different scattered parcels of land ranging from 10 acres to 320 acres in the West Phoenix Northwest areas! This lot parcel split bonanza for a 3 to 5 acre or 3 to 5 parcels split strategy. 
    Terms and parcel releases to fit your plan. Build big beautiful custom homes or mobile homes. Some are so down and dirty they are halfway landlocked on Grand Ave., Northwest in the Whitman Wickenburg area but others are in the Jomax areas with high income and residential development potential. We will have to work together to put these together and you have the right Broker. You could have a civil engineer ready to maybe joint venture along with the seller.

  1. Tonopah Arizona 50 miles west high potential Motel 6  site ready for your 50 to 100 unit motel for truckers. Joint Venture opportunity. 7.5 acres on acres at $1 million Joint Venture 50-50.
  2. 3,500 acre major alfalfa farm in Buckeye Gila Bend with 10 acre-feet of water outside of the active management area for $35 million.
  3. 163 acres on the west side of Casa Grande Mountain, Casa Grande Arizona. Potential hotel site. Best highest and best use would be RV mobile home park subdivision. Spectacular mountain backdrop to the east should be an immediate lease up and heavy cash flow opportunity for you.
  4. 18,000 acre State Leases…rolling option opportunity on state grazing leases to be convertible to  irrigated farms. Add Wells per 160 acres with circle irrigation, and the Joint Venture opportunity is complete at only $500 per acre for the lease in 10 year rolling options plus improvements of only $1400 per acre (for water, pipes, wells) and your total cost is only $3500 per acre irrigated for a massive alfalfa farm income!

  5. 20 acres in Queen Creek for commercial mixed use development as gas station, apartments, mini strip mall, etc. $6 square foot.
  6. 320 acres Lake Pleasant Arizona one of Arizona’s first Fly in Dry Dock Marina. Develop RV Park, mini storage, Fly In Dry Dock Marina, KOA campground possibility. Cheap. North of Lake Pleasant a few miles. May exchange for mansion.
  7. Buckeye dairy with 2000 head carrying capacity, milk base, cows, rolling stock. $15 million, ornery reseller.
  8. Buyer for auto parts store location building in North or South Scottsdale. Steel or block buildings okay. 6 to 10,000 square feet.
  9. Buyer for five auto service centers in the Southeast Valley. SBA Small Business Administration loans from one to $5 million.
  10. Casa Grande Az 35 miles south of Phoenix, opportunities galore! One 6 unit apartment complex, fourplexes, 6 single residential rental homes, manufactured homes, 50 single lots to 1 acre and five parcel split or three parcel split opportunities on scattered small desert Casa Grande parcels. 3 warehouses, some 5 bay, 50 manufactured mobile home lots, some mobile home rentals, Oil well Utah, 2 commercial buildings, office building, trucks, cars, 128 acre Globe, 640 acres Kingman, antiques, jewelry, estate items. Additionally, Joint Venture opportunities with your civil engineering, architectural, legal expertise installing infrastructure electric, water, sewer installation on our land. Some FHA/VA/owner financing.
  11. Former Hotel acquisition executive looking for Joint Venture partner for the development of high and low income property hotel development.
  12. Four Mansions wanted to be converted to Air B & B! (Air Mattress Bed and Breakfast) Tremendous upside potential to $25,000 month income or more! Harness the Internet’s sizzling – daily – weekly – monthly rental business from Scottsdale and Paradise Valley mansions! High-end architect, engineer, developer-interior-decorator Joint Venture partner ready willing and able to convert your mansion to high income potential! Seeking free and clear homes for potential Joint Venture. $1-5 million. We also have the mansions for your JV renovation to Air B & B.
  13. Heavy credentialed mortgage broker with SBA, FHA, VA, USDA, hard money, and other real financing from real lenders to finance your projects
  14. Junkyard operator in Tempe Arizona seeks 35th Ave., Broadway area, Phoenix, AZ commercial site of 5 to 10 acres under $1 million, Needs heavy A1 or A2 industrial Phoenix or Tempe zoning. Junkyard Joe has luxury million-dollar mansion and $250,000 home as a possible trade in free and clear to exchange.
  15. One of the largest shopping center developer-owners in Arizona seeks additional sites for regional locations on freeways.
  16. Major Casa grand Arizona land inventory. Estate sale. Variety of land from lots to sections of land. Parcel splits. Terms. My daughter’s inventory. Big opportunity for 3 to 5 acre parcel splits without subdividing. Commercial and residential land and buildings. Hurry on these opportunities. Make it big on little deals.
  17. Major regional inventory of over 43,000 acres in the Yuma region…scattered farms, different irrigation districts, heavy water.
  18. North Dakota biofuel $500 million Joint Venture opportunity. Harness the South Dakota oilfields now with Joint Venture development of refinery prior to the comeback of the big oil boom! $500 million. Oil too cheap now, but…
  19. One of the largest solar companies in America seeks your Arizona land “on the grid” for electrical sale to Southern California Edison. 100 mile path on the grid may work.
  20. Southeast Phoenix area major Holstein dairy. 115 acres, double barn, two 5000 gallon tanks, 1700 Holstein milking cows, 900 heifers, heifer pens, 3000 tons of hay, two wells, form contiguous 2500 acre alfalfa field, 2 sump pumps, 1900 holes install facility, Holstein cows, 79,000 pounds mount base, $450,000 equipment 2000 tons corn silage calf pens seasoned foreman, valued at $30 million, only $17,000,000 takes the cows, the milk base, the dairy, the hay, the rolling inventory, real estate and goodwill. Full and throttle on this milk gusher for your future success. Possible Farm Credit Bureau Financing.
  21. Tap in to our multibillion-dollar inventory through our three primary and five secondary online exclusive databases with a total combined contact base of millions of commercial real estate investors worldwide for your commercial properties.
  22. $100 million in exchange opportunities, try an IRS 1031 exchange and defer all taxes to your next opportunity.
  23. $3,800,000 desired for 25 producing gas wells on 26,515 mineral acres in Carbon County Utah. Net operating income $2,100,000 per year. Gas sales contract with an Indian Casino Tribe at $5 MCF on a 20 year term. Associated facilities, pipelines, gathering system worth $4 million. Heavy credential gas well operator and opportunity.
  24. 10 day idea system seminar CDs. Millionaire maker Steve Thomas reveals all secrets! $495 for the complete 10 hour CD system! Www.10dayideasystem.com See also www.landnetventures.com Possible exchange…become number one in your market instantly with the top 50 business ideas of all time.
  25. 157 farm acres in Hyder Arizona for $300,000.
  26. 18.9 acre commercial site and I-303 and El Mirage Road. New $35 million freeway ramp just completed on explosive new freeway traffic pattern to make you rich. $2 million in infrastructure water electric sewer on-site. Possible terms, parcel releases. 1-125,000 homes releases, Sun City East and West with major demographic directly next door 10 feet away will fuel your development success.
  27. 300-450 space 75% full RV Park. cheap operating now. Exploit the baby boomer RV market. 50 miles west 
  28. 50 million cash available from the sale of a large Scottsdale hotel. May do 1031 exchange. SOLD.
  29. Commercial land assorted locations and sizes shapes and colors at one dollar to $20 per square foot, C-2, C1, A1, commercial zoning $200,000-$20 million. HALF SOLD.
  30. Don't smoke grass, grow grass! Hyder Arizona, Bermuda grass farm. $5000 per acre 600 acres.
  31. Joint venture partner ready for your beat up buildings downtown to be converted to mini storage units. Take Out shabby gray industrial building and turn into  and exciting purple mini storage complex ready for high tech storage units at lower rent then office building space nearby paid by large accounting and law firms.

  32. Over $1 billion prior inventory closed. If we don’t have it no one does! Over 2 million acres sold. All in Arizona! All with buyers and sellers like you…we know what to do just give us a call! 480-998-9909 X 101 or Steve Thomas cell 480-332-6222
  33. Over 250 additional unlisted properties valued resulting
  34. Planned parking garage Sky Harbor Airport Phoenix…projected $7,500,000 net income annually and upon lease up, valued at $121,000,000 at 6% cap rate. Land is $12 million (discounted to $10 MM with half at close, half after lease up for 50/50% jv or exchange.
  35. Tackle the five largest developers in Arizona! Our contacts will take you There! Purchase Sale and Sale Joint Venture opportunities with the big guys. Have Starker or 1031 escrow pending? Call us.
  36. Joint Venture opportunity! 50-50 partnership offered to anyone with equity capital to acquire any commercial properties! Build value through enhanced development with experienced developer broker through zoning, subdividing to highest and best use.
  37. 3700 acres 35 miles west of Buckeye, irrigated, 80 foot static water level, alfalfa, circle irrigation systems Arizona State leases on 10 year rolling options, assumable,  only $3500 per acre complete including irrigation infrastructure.
  38. Brainstorming: Steve Thomas, land Imagineer, will create an exclusive brainstorming session for you at $750 per hour for three hours. This recorded session will help you reach your highest and best use potential on your property. If you list your property on an exclusive basis with us, you will be credited the amount of the brainstorm at close of escrow. Discounted to $300 hr. (3 hr. min) for commercial practioners.
  39. Large group of Hawaiian/Alaskan investors interested in the Arizona commercial real estate market Joint Ventures.
  40. Light up your world with these two power plants. Gas field operator has two $150,000 Caterpillar motors for your industrial-strength electrical backup to any electrical grid running distant irrigation wells, dairies etc. second Caterpillar generator set for the same $150,000 value. Each one wholesale salable at only $85,000 each. These are Caterpillar generator set engine models 3412, diesel powered and gas, 7000 hours. Gas and diesel to produce electric backup.…
  41. List Your  Commercial Income And Land Inventory With An Expert For Immediate Sales Performance. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!
  42. Small investor seeking down and dirty rental homes under $125,000. Fix ups, foreclosures, rehash and hash hash OK.

  43. Social media companies big joint-venture opportunity to make your real estate dream a reality… high-end TV media executives become your partner on a massive scale! Take your hundred million dollar project to the world in a big way! Media executives have it all, studios cameras, crew for you! $100-$10 million. Sold. Media company overbooked sorry.
  44. Reputation counts! Steve Thomas, Broker, Landnet Ventures, LLC President, has survived three decades without a single real estate complaint! Trust is everything! Buy and sell with confidence knowing that you are working with Mr. Good Wrench clean.
  45. Book Steve Thomas at your next local regional or national commercial real estate Networking event. Two-time past President of Toastmasters International, Scottsdale Chats, Scottsdale, and Member National Speakers Association. Get quote per speaking event.

  46. Heavy experience in master-planned community development. If you are an out-of-state residential or commercial developer contact us for land availabilities. There are only 412 potential commercial/residential developments sites left in the entire 600,000 parcel inventory of land in Maricopa County for development with potential electric, water, sewer and access.
  47. In addition, Kingman 1000 acres near the Hoover dam can provide for a large RV mobile home park development.

  48. Big joint Venture partner for mini storage and parking garages ready for your building or land opportunity.

  49. High-tech inventor with 147 patents looking for any bleeding edge patent opportunities and Joint Ventures.
  50. Arizona bankrupt developer North Dakota with hundreds of apartment units! $200,000-$4 million
  51. Sign a nondisclosure agreement and get the opportunity to see the unlisted properties! If you will honor our agreement there is no end to the amount of money you can make with us! Most of the time, the best properties are not even listed! If we can trust you will make millions! Trust the results that follow.

Get off the lime green couch! We anticipate land and buildings to appreciate from 4 to 9% per year compounding for the next seven years. Inflation may rise to a moderate 2 to 3%. Interest rates may rise to as high as 5%. The stock market may crash and real estate may be your only safe haven for this treacherous next 10 years. The Chinese market swings the pendulum of financial power and as the November 2016 election is on the horizon, your perfectly selected combination mix of income and land with the anticipated surging rental market should keep you safe and profitable. We hope to be a part of your play.

This creative Imagineering process in commercial real estate is the largest chess game on earth. We will take the majority of the guesswork out of your equation with our carefully prepared statistical analysis and valuation assessment on the property you seek to buy or sell. We hope to be your partner in the future.

Einstein said Imagination is more important then Knowledge. We will take all of the above properties to the “highest and best use” in the shortest period of time for your assured profit. And now, take action! Don't just sit there and read this, take action! Call 480-332-6222 or 480-998-9909 x 101 now! Thank you.


Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

Pres., CEO

See Seminar Website: www.10dayideasystem.com




Landnet Ventures is an Entreprenueral Business and Technology Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Company with sales in excess of $1 billion. Experience? Over 2 Million Acres Closed in Arizona. 

We have a wealth of resources for you...browse around. Steve Thomas President

Two million acre legend, Steve Thomas reveals the secrets of real fortunes made through value enhancement and solving problems with your product or service the same way he has closed over 1 billion dollars in real estate! This is not a real estate oriented series, instead this is a hybrid entrepreneurial template geared toward optimum success for every minute, dollar, and energy expended in your pursuit of success and happiness through imagineering.

The million dollar secrets are tested and proven, not copied from others, nor launched into a dream world of imagining and succeeding. Factual, to the point, hard-hitting axioms proven by legends from around the world and reinforced by the man who’s done it all!

10 day system

CD 1. Build Value
CD 2. Ready For Anything
CD 3. The Dream
CD 4. 800 Power System That Cannot Fail
CD 5. 30 Day Countdown
CD 6. From The Ground Up
CD 7. Imagine, Never Work A Day In Your Life
CD 8. Specialized Niche Success
CD 9. Million Dollar Ideas
CD 10. Millionaire Maker Reveals Secrets

04 CD BUILD VALUE CD 1. Build Value
  1. How To Build Value – Chapter 1
  2. How To Build Value – Chapter 2
  3. How To Build Value – Chapter 3
  4. How To Build Value – Chapter 4
  5. How To Build Value – Chapter 5
  6. How To Build Value – Chapter 6
05 CD READY FOR ANYTHING CD 2. Ready For Anything
  1. World’s Largest Corporation Secrets
  2. Do What You Can, Where You Are, With What You Have
  3. Concentrate, Don’t Juggle
  4. Extreme Focus
  5. Duck Focus
  6. Finance, Production, Research, Sales
  7. It’s Not Over Til It’s Over
  8. Meet Your Mentor
  9. Condense Time For Maximum Rate Of Return


01 CD THE DREAM CD 3. The Dream
  1. 24 Suggestions For Success
  2. Disney Priorities
  3.  How To Solve Any Problem
  4. Mimic Success
  5. Persistent Success
02 CD 10 DAY IDEA SYSTEM CD 4. 800 Power System That Cannot Fail
  1. Reinvent To The Core
  2. Your 360 Degree Goal Perspective
  3. You Will Fail 95% Of The Time
  4. Brainstorming Your Pros and Cons
  5. 300/500 System That Cannot Fail
  6. Make Millions With This Secret System
  7. How To Become An Expert In Your Field
  8. How To Record Your Ideation
  9. Socratic Method Of Questioning Your Path
  10. Try This System To Overcome And Conquer Your Goals
  1. Day 1-4
  2. Day 5-10
  3. Day 11-16
  4. Day 17-20
  5. Day 21-25
  6. Day 26-27
  7. Day 28-30
  8. Closing Actions

CD 6. From The Ground Up
Make Your Goal Finding Your Life’s Goal

  1. Last 10% Wins It All
  2. Track Meet
  3. Work Ethic Instills The “It” Factor
  4. Your Existing Experience Could Make You Rich
  5. 67 Failures
  6. How To Build Big Value For Your Product Or Service


08 CD IMAGINE, NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE CD 7. Imagine, Never Work A Day In Your Life
  1. Middle Man Out, Build Value In
  2. Get Traction On Your Greatest Interest
  3. Stop Talking, Start Doing
  4. This Person Changed Your Life Forever
  5. A Mind Stretched By A Great Idea Can Never Return To Its Original State
  6. Live Longer Doing What You Like
09 CD SPECIALIZED NICHE SUCCESS CD 8. Specialized Niche Success
  1. 5 Steps To Your Niche
  2. Add Value To Your Product Or Service From The Ground Up
  3. Find A Niche And Conquer It
  4. Listing Farm
  5. This is Necessary, Do What You Love
07 CD MILLION DOLLAR IDEA CD 9. Million Dollar Ideas
  1. 99% Of The World Don’t Have The Imagineering Goals
  2. Four Pillar Success
  3. Model Your Success Template After The Best
  4. The Clock: Your Most Important Weapon To Seize Your Opportunity
  5. The Power Of The Focus Board
  6. Create Emotional Impact For Reinvention
  7. You’ll Only Do Five Big Things This Year
06 CD MILLIOMAIRE MAKER REVEALS SECRET CD 10. Millionaire Maker Reveals Secrets
  1. Bigger The Fear The Bigger The Profit
  2. Billboard Jackpot
  3. Aeronautical Goal Setting
  4. Get Lucky (A)
  5. Get Lucky (B)
  6. Here Is Your Product Or Service
  7. How To Overcome Any Problem (A)
  8. How To Overcome Any Problem (B)
  9. Priority Colors
  10. Your Entrepreneurial Essence
  11. Your Futuristic Thinking

Steve Thomas, Landnet Ventures, LLC
7702 E Doubletree Ranch Rd, Suite 300 
Scottsdale, AZ 85258 

CALL  (480) 998-9909 x 101 Office; (480)332-6222 Hotline



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